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2017 Reborn Cabinets Employee Survey


We are asking once again for everyone to participate in the Reborn Cabinets 2017 Anonymous Employee Survey! Getting honest feedback is the key to fostering a healthy culture here at Reborn. Your suggestions for how we can improve as a company will add great value to the workplace and your work life satisfaction. The Leadership Team at Reborn is excited to make informed and proactive changes that will allow our #1 asset to thrive—OUR PEOPLE!!! We strongly encourage you to participate in our survey simply by clicking below!

Employee Survery

Opening Day With Team Reborn! 4.7.2017


Hey there, Team Reborn!

We are headed to Opening Day, on April 7th! It’s gonna be a blast!

If you’d like to come along, kindly fill out the RSVP form by clicking the flyer below, and deliver your monies by March 15th.

Monies will be collected by Diana Ramirez in the Marketing Support office (located in the back of the Anaheim Showroom, between the closing rooms) between 7 A.M. and 11 A.M. Monday-Friday.


2016 Reborn Fishing Trip!


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Walk It Off: Weeks 9 & 10!


Hello Team!

Hope everyone is having an amazing week! We only have two weeks left in our challenge, and I wanted to update everyone on who our top Walk-It-Off competitors are!

Karina Rangel 77 Points!

Melissa Ruble 90 points!!

Vanessa Ware 115 Points!!! Vanessa took advantage of earning extra points by earning a point a mile for the last two weeks! She walked 25 miles!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!



We are 4 weeks away from our final weigh-in! Can you believe it? For those of you who started this challenge with the best of intentions, but felt like you’ve lost steam, I want to encourage you to try to give a big push in the next 4 weeks! 4 weeks is plenty of time to log miles, lose inches, and feel healthy!

In the spirit of getting people back on track, today we are announcing another bonus challenge, but this one is going to be challenging…and a little more complicated!

Participants will be awarded 1 extra point for every mile they walk between July 11th and July 25th! Miles must be logged on a fit bit, treadmill counter, or other milage-counting app. We will verify these miles via pictures! So grab those screenshots, snap those odometers, and upload that fitbit!

Again, if you feel like you’ve fallen behind, this is YOUR CHANCE to pull ahead! Think about it: 5 miles a-day, 5 days a-week? That’s 50 points! Let’s do this, Team Reborn!!!!

Walk It Off: Week 7!


Hello Everyone!

Sticking to your health goals over a holiday weekend is TOUGH! Considering that being the case, let’s give an extra shout-out to our participants who managed to keep up the good work in the midst of hamburgers, hotdogs, and soda! Way to go Team!